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Summer 2024

ComposerTitleMusicJohn Fletcher linkPerformance
ByrdThough Amaryllis DanceOBEM 49
Pg 324
All partsFieri Consort
ElgarMy love dwelt in a Northern landERPS 25
Pg 126
All partsYoutube
FarmerFair PhyllisOBEM 16
All partsCambridge Singers
Henry VIIIPastime with good companyAll partsKings Singers
HolstDream trystAll partsWrittle Singers
Ye little birdsAll partsWrittle Singers
Her eyes the glow-worm lend theeAll partsWrittle Singers
Now is the month of MayingAll partsWrittle Singers
Come to meAll partsWrittle Singers
MacFarrenWhen daisies piedERPS 14
All partsEbor Singers
PassereauIl est bel et bonSheetAll partsfrom Laura!
Not so fast!
PearsallLay a garlandERPS 6
All partsVoces8
RathboneThe Oak and the AshAll partsWrittle Singers
Swing LowAll partsWrittle Singers
Nine Hundred MilesAll partsWrittle Singers
StanfordThe Blue BirdERPS 24
Pg 123
All partsVoces8
StanfordQuick We have but a secondSheetAll partsYoutube
VautorMother, I will have a husbandOBEM 24
All partsCambridge Singers
VautorSweet Suffolk owlOBEM 36
All partsCambridge Singers
WeelkesHark, all ye lovely saints aboveOBEM 19
All partsKings Singers
WilbyeDraw on sweet nightOBEM 13
All partsVoces8
W Sterndale BennettCome live with meERPS 15
All PartsCity of London Choir

Spring 2024

ListenLearning Tracks
Bullard ~ Psalmi PenitentialesYoutubeJohn Fletcher
Bairstow ~ The LamentationYoutube
Kodaly ~ Jesus and the TradersYoutubeJohn Fletcher
Pärt ~ The Woman with the Alabaster BoxYoutube
Bruchner ~ Christus factus est. ESM pg 68John Fletcher

Christmas 2023

John Fletcher - signon requiredHall - O Nata LuxParry - Welcome YuleCowper - Gloria
God Rest YeSopranoTuttiSop & Alto
Good King WenceslasAlto
O Come All Ye FaithfulTenor
O Little TownBass
Away In A MangerTutti
Ding Dong
Infant Holy
Wintertide (performance)
Baldacci The Lamb (rehearsal)

Autumn 2023


Te Deum translation
Laudes Organi text and translation
Laudes Organi Alternate Translation


Youtube                               Spotify

Haydn Te Deum
Soprano Normal speed
Soprano Slow
Alto Normal speed
Alto Slow
Tenor Normal speed
Tenor Slow
Bass Normal speed
Bass Slow
All Parts - YouTube
All Parts - Spotify
Laudes Organi - ALL PARTS
John Fletcher - starts Page 5 bottom line at 5th bar of D (bar 65)
YouTube - starts Page 5 bottom line at 5th bar of D (bar 65)
John Fletcher - starts Page 23 top line bar 214
YouTube - starts Page 23 top line bar 214

Evensong Sept 2023



Summer 2023 learning tracks

3 Shakespeare Songs Christopher BrownNo. 1No. 2No. 3John Fletcher files
Shakespeare Songs Book 2 Matthew HarriesYoutubeSpotify
3 Shakespeare Songs Vaughan Williams
John Fletcher files
Full FathomCloud CappedOver Hill

Summer Term

Summer Rehearsal schedule

Spring 2023 learning tracks

Voice / speedHaydn Te DeumMartines Dixit DominusBeethoven Mass in C
Soprano normalListenJohn Fletcher all partsJohn Fletcher all parts
Soprano slowListenCyberbass all parts
Alto normalListen
Alto slowListen
Tenor normalListen
Tenor slowListen
Bass normalListen
Bass slowListen

Christmas 2022 resources

John FletcherYoutube
Convidando está la NocheWatch
Celebrons la NaissanceListen
Blessed Son of GodListenWatch
Adam lay yboundenListenWatch
All my heart this night rejoicesListenWatch
All This TimeListenWatch
I Sing of a Maiden
Sir ChristèmasListenWatch
Twelve Days of ChristmasListenWatch
Kerry Andrew ~ Hevene QueuelistenWatch

A Place in the Sun Oct 2022

John FletcherYoutubeSpotify
Kerry Andrew ~ Hevene QueuelistenWatchlisten
Boulanger ~ Soire sur la plaineWatchlisten
Coleridge-Taylor ~ Lee ShorelistenWatchlisten
Coleridge-Taylor ~ O Ye that love the LordlistenWatch
Coleridge-Taylor ~ Summer is gonelistenWatchlisten
Hensel ~ Gartenlieder op.3listenWatchlisten
Kerensa Briggs ~ Ave Regina CaelorumlistenWatch
Kerensa Briggs ~ Media VitalistenWatchlisten
Lusitano ~ Heu me Domine
Lusitano ~ Hodie Simon Petruslisten
Lusitano ~ Regina caelilistenWatch
Martines ~ Misererelistenlisten
Smyth ~ March of the WomenlistenWatch
Strozzi ~ L'amante modestolistenWatch
Strozzi ~ Gli amanti fallitilistenWatch
Strozzi ~ Il contrasto de' cinque sensilistenWatch
Strozzi ~ Il silentio nocivolistenWatch
Homegrown filesSopranoAltoTenorBassTuttiScore
Clews ~ God Is In Melistenlistenlistenlistenlistenview

Watch Kerensa Briggs in conversation with Anna Lapwood here.

Learning Tracks

YouTubeJohn Fletcher
Britten - Gloriana DancesThe Sixteen
Voces8 at 26 mins
Bullard - Cantata GloriaVia Vitae
Bullard - Summer Garlandwith scorelisten
Finzi - White Flowering DaysFinzi Singers
Kodaly - Evening SongIn Hungarian
In English
Wheeler - Sonnet 8scroll downlisten
Mas Que NadaStrawberry
Wraggle Taggle
SopranoSop 1
Sop 2
AltoAlto 1
Alto 2
TenorTenor 1
Tenor 2
Ave Verum
Corpus - Gant
O sing unto mie
SopranoplaySop 1
Sop 2

Lockdown Resources

Click here for the lockdown repertoire


YouTubeJohn FletcherMusic
Anon - Rejoice in the
Lord alway
view pdf
Ave Mariawatchlisten
Bridge - Music when
sweet voices die
Tenebraelistenview pdf
Bruckner - Os JustiMonteverdi Choirlisten
Elgar - There is sweet
Tenebraelisten4 stave pdf
8 stave pdf
Parry - Thy Delight
is my delight
Fairhaven Singerslistenview pdf
Pearsall - Let us all
go Maying
view pdf
Quilter - Cupidview pdf
Quilter - Morning Songview pdf
Schütz - Psalm 84
Wie Leiblich
Monteverdi Choirview pdf
Stand by Mewatchlisten
Wesley - O sing
unto my roundelay
Canzonettaview pdf

For John Fletcher files you will need to login with your email address. Any problems please email me


Made in Essex resources

Performances on Youtube

Bullard   Cantate Gloria

Holst Ave Maria   this one   and also   this one

Ruocco   Psalm 23

Tallis   If ye love me

Tallis Third Mode Melody   this one   and also   this one

Vaughn Williams   Bushes and Briars

Wheeler   Sonnet 8   scroll down the page to find the link

The Shifty Land


Flood – synth
Flood – synth Soprano only
Flood – synth Alto only
Flood – synth Tenor only
Flood – synth Bass only

Frinton on sea

Frinton on sea – WS recording


Pleshey – synth Full
Pleshey – synth Soprano
Pleshey – synth Soprano unacc
Pleshey – synth Alto
Pleshey – synth Alto unacc
Pleshey – synth Tenor
Pleshey – synth Tenor unacc
Pleshey – synth Bass
Pleshey – synth Bass unacc


The Mountains of Chelmsford – WS recording
Stifford – WS recording
Southend Road – WS recording

BBC Essex appearances

Peter, Megan and Kashi interviewed on Breakfast with Ben & Sonia on 14 November 2019

Promotion for Faire is the Heaven 15 November 2019


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